Tre Shackelford is an All-State receiver back for the Black Bears

In the history of high school football in Decatur over the last four or five decades, no last name has grabbed the spotlight more than Shackelford.

There were the brothers Fred, Stanley, Darnell, and Craig, who played for the Decatur Red Raiders. Then there was their cousin James and his nephew D.T., who both wore the black and orange of Austin.

The four brothers at Decatur and James were all running backs. They piled up lots of yardage and touchdowns in their careers. Craig and James were a story in the 1980s when they squared off in the Austin-Decatur rivalry.

Craig went on to play at Southern Miss. After becoming a defensive force at Austin, D.T. starred at linebacker for Ole Miss.

The latest in the family line is Tre, son of James and first cousin of D.T. An Austin receiver, Tre Shackelford is looking to build on a junior season that earned him All-State honors. This will be his third year in the starting lineup.